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Course Overview


The Advanced Diploma of Acting (10884NAT) is a nationally accredited, full-time, professional training course that prepares students for careers as actors and performance makers in theatre, film, television and new media.

The new two-year Advanced Diploma provides an intensive immersion focussed on the craft of acting for stage and screen.

Students work closely with a range of Industry professionals undertaking a rigorous program of actor training.

Students are encouraged to work with passion and engagement, demonstrate a strong commitment to develop their own individual approach, and to continuously refine their professional goals.

Year 1 – The Development Year

In your first year you will develop your craft, undertaking intensive training in acting, voice, movement and performance making.

  • You will study acting techniques for stage and screen, including the Stanislavski and Michael Chekhov techniques.
  • You will learn to connect with and trust your instincts and develop connections with your ensemble.
  • Movement techniques, including Feldenkrais, the Suzuki actor training method and contact improvisation will develop your physical sensitivity, presence, precision and power.
  • Linklater voice training will free your voice and extend your vocal range and expression.
  • Your first year culminates in the creation of a solo performance in which you showcase your acting and performance making skills.

Year 2 – The Showcase Year

In the second year you undertake a concentrated year of Showcase performances that extend your skills,  hone your craft and showcase your work to industry leaders.

Term 1: Filming of Professional Showreels and Self-tape Classes.  Working with industry experts you’ll be guided through the process of bringing authenticity to your screen acting and self-tape performances.

Term 2: Showcase Performance in the Black Box theatre. Engage with heightened performance text,  enhance and refine your stage performance skills.

Term 3: Showcase Performance on The National Theatre Mainstage working with a leading Industry director.  Your ensemble will present a contemporary performance on the mainstage at The National Theatre. Scenes from this performance will be professionally filmed as part of your showcase package to be featured on the website.

Term 4: Group devised performance presented at an external venue. This performance will be developed in collaboration with your ensemble during your final year and directed by a performance-making specialist.

Throughout the year you will connect with industry leaders through guest talks and masterclasses. You’ll refine your audition skills and develop self tapes, and freelance skills to be an entrepreneurial artist. You’ll graduate from the program with a series of professional headshots, showreels, and professional-level performance and performance-making experience.

Advanced Diploma of Acting 10884NAT

  • Students must be 18 years or over by the 1st of January the year their studies commence. Due to the academic requirements of the course, students must have completed Year 10 High School or equivalent.
  • Applicants may have to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Test (LLN) to ensure they receive the right support to achieve this qualification. This course is open to international students. This course is taught in English and International students must meet a minimum level of 5.5 IELTS or equivalent.
  • Students must meet all requirements and pass all units of competency in each subsequent year to obtain the qualification.

CUARES601 Research and apply concepts of live performance practice
NAT10884001 Demonstrate a range of body awareness techniques in performance related activities
NAT10884002 Demonstrate techniques to physically release the voice in performance related activities
NAT10884003 Explore techniques to enliven and embody text in performance related activities
NAT10884004 Explore the key elements of the theatrical experience
NAT10884005 Create performance pieces
NAT10884006 Produce, promote and present an original public performance
NAT10884007 Prepare, rehearse and perform stage plays for public performance
NAT10884008 Rehearse and perform for the camera
CUAIND412 Provide freelance services
CUAPRF314 Develop audition techniques
CUAWHS312 Apply work health and safety practices
HLTWHS006 Manage personal stressors in the work environment

2024 The National Drama School (FT) 2024
  Term dates Census dates
Term 1 29 Jan to 22 Mar 13 Feb
Term 2 15 Apr to 14 Jun 29 April
Term 3 15 Jul to 6 Sep 29 July
Term 4 7 Oct to 22 Nov 21 Oct


AU/NZ student fees
Tuition fees $24,419 for two-year Advanced Diploma.

International Students
Tuition fees $27,513.36 for two-year Advanced Diploma

2024 intake has been finalised. Please register your interest below and we’ll keep you up to date with course information, audition dates and applications processes for 2025.


Director’s Welcome

Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer with which to shape it. Brecht

In these ever evolving times, The National Drama School is committed to fostering and developing the voice of our next generation of performing artists. Artists who are responsive, reflective and inquisitive of their own context.

The core values under which all our programs run are: Care, Excellence and Community. Care for each individual student, their particular background and way of learning. Excellence in our teaching and performance outcomes, and finally we are passionate in transforming the National into a vibrant centre of performance making for our creative community.

During an intensive two years of study, you’ll work with expert industry teachers to deeply engage with the craft of acting. You’ll be immersed in voice and movement training, screen acting and stagecraft.

Small class sizes and individualised attention will ensure that you hone your individuality, talent and point of difference as a performer.

You’ll engage with film acting, create showreels and self-tapes, and perform in The National Theatre and black box theatre. In your second year, you will be featured in mainstage performance directed by a leading industry director, which is filmed and circulated nationally to casting agents.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply for a number of industry pathways (including internships with Home and Away and Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre) and you’ll be connected with casting agents and respected industry professionals. There will be additional performance opportunities with the Ballet School and partner companies.

You’ll develop a close network with your cohort and learn how to communicate with professionalism, clarity and respect. You’ll develop practical techniques to support personal resilience and well-being. You’ll develop your skills to be a successful entrepreneurial freelance artist, create professional self-tapes and confident auditions.

Join us at The National to launch your acting career!

Dr Jaime Dörner
Director of Drama