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Pathways program

The National Ballet School is committed to cultivating excellence in dance and preparing young talent for pre-professional training and a career in dance.

Our Pathways programs are designed for ballet students aged 12 and over, who have shown strong potential for growth and require increased training and development before undertaking full time accredited training.

The Pathways programs identify, nurture and cultivate young talents through a committed schedule of extra training, extension classes, industry competitions and pre-vocational development of the necessary mental and physical rigors required to pursue a career in dance.

The programs instil future dancers with heightened levels of quality, artistry, musicality, technique and discipline. The program provides additional opportunities to train in a holistic and healthy program.

Entry to the Pathways program is by invitation or audition.

To be considered for entry into the 2024 Pathways program, please register your interest below.

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