Fiona started ballet at a young age. At 15 she won a scholarship to travel to Europe to study at the Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Monte Carlo Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet and London Dance Centre. Later she also studied at the San Francisco Ballet School.

After an injury at 21, she returned to Australia and worked with her father in various finance, sales, and operational roles before founding Regency Media in 1986. Regency was the leading independent packaged media company in Australia, manufacturing for all the leading record companies and film studios. In 2000, Regency opened a facility in India and later expanded into 3PL warehousing and distribution to service the entertainment industry. Regency also licensed and distributed music, film and TV content in Australia and New Zealand under the SHOCK brand and in recent years founded FIVE MILE, a global publishing company that focuses on publishing children’s books.

Fiona has also received many prestigious awards for her achievements in business including, the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award, The Age Dunn and Bradstreet award for excellence, the Telstra Business Awards, included in the BRW Fastest Growing Company list as well as being placed into the Australian Women’s Business Hall of Fame.