The Way of Transformation: A 3-course structure

“Yat took Laban’s notation into acting. We studied movement psychology and its notation. We didn’t use the notation particularly, but the notation is based on principles of putting psychological concepts into space, into action, into the physical world…”  Colin Firth

“So, what it came down was the fact that I have to find an essence, as one would do with any character, to find the human essence of this person, and then hang his nuances, his movements, his characteristics on that central issue…” – Tom Hardy


This work is theoretically complex but practically very simple, giving actors immeasurable tools needed to both observe and reflect human expression in the way of transformation.

Due to the depth of this work, we have structured the delivery over 3 ‘Levels’ – Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

*It is highly recommended that you follow the program in order, however, if you have already completed work on this method you may be considered for entry at the intermediate or advanced level.

Introductory Course

Time: Saturdays 1:00 pm – 3:30pm
Dates: MAY 8 – JUNE 19 2021
Cost: $550
Duration: 6 weeks


This is aimed at people who are new to this work but have had formal acting training at a tertiary level and an understanding of Stanislavsky.

During the Introductory Course, actors will be introduced to the fundamentals of this technique –  the theory attached to it as well as highly practical exercises for exploring the principles of WEIGHT, SPACE, TIME, FLOW along with their counterparts SENSING, THINKING, INTUITING, FEELING.

The over the six weeks, we will explore and work on the ideas of Action and Effort, Mental Factors, Motion Factor, Working Actions and Inner attitudes.

We take time to explore the building blocks of this system and work on monologues that correspond with each of the 6 character types known as The Inner Attitudes.

Develop your understanding of the relationship between the inner attitude (character) and the outer attitude (actions).

Intermediate Course

Time: Saturdays 1:00 pm – 3:30pm
Dates: POSTPONED – new date tBC
Cost: $720
Duration: 8 weeks

For students that have completed training on this method or already have a base understanding of the principles outlined in the Introductory Course.

At this level, we work on practical ‘scenarios’ a series of scripted and improvised acting exercises along with movement exercises that will build your connection to the unconscious motifs of character.

Through these exercises, you will develop an original performance of your own devising that explores a particular character type.

The course will involve advanced analysis of how this work can be utilised for film and self tapes.

Advanced Course

Time: Saturdays 1:00 pm – 3:30pm
Dates: Postponed – New Date TBC
Cost: $720
Duration: 8 weeks

For those who have completed the first two courses this course will focus on the emotional ‘feeling’ character types of ‘MOBILE’, ‘ADREAM’ and ‘REMOTE’ in both existing plays and films.

You will develop your own ‘SOLO’ of a character performance of their own invention from one of the 6 character types explored.

This culminates in a performance of your ‘SOLO’ The National Theatre Black Box Studio in the last week of November 2021 – date TBC.