Teaching Training Education Program

Target Age Range – 10 years to 16 years


This course is an ideal introduction for students who are interested in how to teach ballet to
young children by becoming an assistant teacher.
This programme is designed to build confidence of the assistant teacher by having the
opportunity to work alongside a professional ballet teacher in a caring classroom
environment. They will embrace the world of being a ballet teacher as well as self refection
on their own dance practise and education.

Each student will study 5 Modules to be taken at the discretion and age of each assistant


1. Classroom and assisting duties – All students
2. Be a positive role model – All students
3. Safe Dance Practise – All students
4. How children Learn – Learning styles – Students from 12 years of age
5. Teaching Styles – Students from 12 years of age


20 Carlisle St, St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia 3182


Ballet Administration           61 (3) 9534 0224



Minimum 1 hour assisting teaching per week
Maximum 3 hours per week
10 weeks
4 terms
Workbook and self reflections: 1 hour with mentor teacher each term.

Modules Title Scope    
1.        Classroom Duties Duties that  will help assist the teacher. Students Classroom behaviour Expectations from students  that you are teaching
2.        Positive Role Model How to assist the teacher in a supportive way. Your classroom etiquette

grooming and behaviour

Expectations from you as a student teacher
3.        Safe Dance Practise Your role if student is injured in class Awareness of classroom hazards What to do in case if a Fire/Emergency
4.        Learning styles This module will require homework How children learn. Going through the different learning styles Assessment sheets to be taken at the end of the 1st year for student from 12 years
5.        Teaching Styles This module will require homework Teaching styles. Going through the different teaching styles and methods for successful teaching. Assessment sheets to be taken at the end of the 1st year for student from 12 years