Student Policies

Access and Equity

The National Theatre Melbourne is committed to ensuring that we offer training opportunities to all people on an equal and fair basis. This commitment includes Indigenous Australians, people with disabilities, and people from non–English speaking backgrounds.

All students have equal access to our courses irrespective of their gender, culture, linguistic background, race, socio-economic background, disability, age, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or carer’s responsibilities.

All Students who meet our entry requirements will be accepted into any of our courses where a place exists. Where our courses have a limited number of available places, these will be filled in order of completed applications.[/vc_column_text][gem_divider style=”2″ color=”#e6e7ea” margin_bottom=”15″ margin_top=”15″][vc_column_text]

Student Behaviour Policy

All students at The National Theatre Melbourne’s Schools are expected to conduct themselves appropriately and professionally whether in class, the building or in public representing the school. Students are required to abide by the Schools’ procedures and policies.

During the Orientation Day, this policy will be discussed, and students will be expected to confirm their acceptance of this policy.

View the full policy here.

Support Services

The National Theatre Melbourne understands the importance of supporting students beyond the ‘classroom’ or studio as they complete their studies. As a smaller provider, we are able to develop closer relationships and provide a more student-centred approach to our teaching. All students who are studying with the National Theatre Melbourne are provided with information on support services available. Orientation Days for all students are provided as an introduction to the schools and the additional help they can access.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer

The National Theatre Melbourne recognises Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations. Where a student has already completed a unit of competency that is part of the course they are enrolling on they can apply for a credit and will not be expected to repeat the unit. You must advise the School Administrator on enrolment if you wish to claim any credit transfers.

Where students have relevant and significant training and life experience there may be an opportunity to apply for recognition of prior learning. This may allow a student to enter a course at a certain point without being expected to complete all the units of competency e.g. entry at second year.

Access to Student Records

Students are allowed access to their records; contact the School Administrator for more information. Apply in writing to the school Administration Manager if you wish to view your personal records.

Privacy Policy

Under the National VET Data Policy 2020, The National Theatre Drama School is required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER).

Your personal information (including the personal information contained on your enrolment form and your training activity data) may be used or disclosed by The National Theatre Ballet and Drama Schools for statistical, regulatory and research purposes.

Please see the full Privacy Policy about what is collected and how it is shared here.

We will not share information with anyone beyond our required commitment as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO.

Use of personal information

Information collected about you during your enrolment can be provided, in certain circumstances, to the Australian Government and designated authorities and, if relevant, the Tuition Protection Scheme. In other instances, information collected during your enrolment cannot be disclosed without your consent where authorised or required by law. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Change to personal details

If there are changes to your personal details, particularly changes to your address, email or phone number you must notify the

School Administrator immediately. All important correspondence is by email therefore it is essential that your email is correct, and you have added to your email ‘safe sender’ list or contacts.

Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and appeals will be dealt with through a fair and equitable process. Initially, any issues should be raised with the School Administrator, Trainer/Assessor and/or Director as applicable and we will seek a resolution informally.

If the issue cannot be resolved, the complaint must be detailed in writing to the School Administrator. The formal complaints and appeals process will then commence.

Attendance Policy

The School expects students to attend all scheduled course contact hours. Students must attend a minimum of 80% of scheduled course contact hours as a condition of the accredited course. Attendance is taken daily by the school. Absences covered by medical certificates do not contribute to the overall attendance percentage but may be considered when determining whether to report a student for non–compliance.

Students will be advised if attendance falls below 90%. If attendance falls below 90%, the student will be interviewed by the School’s Director to decide if a plan of support needs to be implemented.

Academic Progress

A failure in more than 50% of units in one study period will trigger a review of academic progress by The National Theatre Melbourne and the implementation of an intervention strategy.

Failing a unit means being assessed as ‘Not Yet Competent (NYC)’ for a completed unit. In order to have the best chance of maintaining satisfactory progress you must:

  • Attend all theory and practical classes and pay attention to the work and activities undertaken in class;
  • Study the theory and practise the skills that are taught in class;
  • Ensure that you are present for all assessment activities scheduled by the teachers;
  • Make an appointment with the director of your school if you are having any difficulties with your studies.

In addition to the above minimum requirement, The National Theatre Melbourne will implement procedures to begin an intervention strategy when your teachers think you may be in danger of not meeting the requirements.

Counselling and intervention may be triggered by any of the following events:

  • Failing key units in a study period
  • Failing two or more core units in any study period
Tuition Protection

The National Theatre Ballet and Drama Schools are a member of the Tuition Protection Service. This scheme protects the fees of students in the event that an education provider is unable to fulfil their obligation to deliver the agreed course of study. Students will be able to complete their study with another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tui­tion fees.

The Australian National Memorial Theatre is a Registered Training Organisation

Trading as the National Theatre Melbourne (RTO No: 3600) provides education services for Australian and International students through registration with the Australian Skills Quality Authority and compliance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 and the Education Services for Overseas Students Framework.

CRICOS Registration Statement

The Australian National Memorial Theatre is duly authorised to deliver educational programs to overseas students in Victoria. It is listed on the Australian Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS Register).

CRICOS Provider Number: 01551E

Student Deferral Policy

Under extreme circumstances, the school may defer the enrolment of a student. The grounds for consideration would be compassionate or compelling circumstances beyond the control of the student and which have an impact on the student’s capacity and/or ability to progress through a course. Evidence of compassionate and compelling circumstances will be required. Deferral of studies is for a maximum of 12 months. Deferral requests must be submitted in writing and have supporting evidence.

Student Excursions

Throughout the year, students may be required to travel by public transport to venues such as the gym or an external workshop or performance. A teacher or member of staff will be present with the students most of the time. Students are asked to use their Myki cards on these occasions. Students under 18 will need to complete a parental/ guardian permission form providing consent at least 7 days prior to the activity.

Tuition Fee Insurance

The National Theatre Melbourne is a member of the Tuition Protection Service. This scheme protects the fees of students in the event that an education provider is unable to fulfil their obligation to deliver the agreed course of study. Students will be able to complete their studies with another education provider or receive a refund of their unspent tuition fees.

AUSTUDY / ABSTUDY / Youth Allowance

The National Theatre Melbourne’s courses are registered with Centrelink for financial support under the Austudy and Abstudy Funding programs. This is financial help offered to students in full-time education who are over 25 years old. Students younger than this may be eligible for Youth Allowance. See their websites for more details.

Cooling off Period

Fees are payable termly, in advance.There is a ‘cooling-off’ period of 5 days once the term starts (if not paying via VET Student Loans) or on the ‘census date’ for students accessing VET Student Loans.

Refund Policy

In the unlikely event that the National Theatre Melbourne is unable  to deliver your course in full, you will be offered a refund of all the  course money you have paid in advance. Or, where applicable you  may be offered enrolment in another National Theatre Melbourne  course at no extra cost to you. You have the right to choose whether  you would like to transfer courses or accept a full refund. You will be  required to sign a document accepting the refund or course transfer  prior to any action being taken.

You are able to request a refund for tuition fees based on The  National Theatre Melbourne’s Course Refund Policy. All applications  need to be made in writing.

Withdrawal, refund and re-credit of VET student loans

Any student who withdraws from a unit of study, must notify the  Administrator in writing, on or prior to the census date to qualify  for a refund of any paid fees or VSL payments. Please note, any  repayment of VSL will be deposited in their HELP debt account and  not as a refund to the student.

Any student who withdraws from a unit of study after the census date  is liable for payment for that unit and must either pay themselves or  if claiming via a VET Student loan, VET funding will be claimed as per  the VET Fee Notice for that unit. No payments will be due for future  units that have not met the census date.

Drama Withdrawal Notice

Drama Refund of Fees or VET Notice

For further information on the National Theatre Melbourne Fees  and Refund policy, see the full policy or contact the Head of Schools  Administration via