Hannah Aitken (she/they) is an emerging contemporary dance artist and teacher originally from Ontario, Canada currently practicing in Naarm/Melbourne. Within her practice, Hannah is interested in dance as mind-body connection and how movement can be used to take up space and gather power both literally and figuratively, particularly as a queer, female-presenting person navigating a patriarchal world. They are also fascinated by the ways in which dance provides the ability to develop a profound and unique ability to live inside of one’s body, rather than just existing as a body in the world, both in movement and everyday corporeal understandings of general life. Awareness of the ability to fully experience, understand, and confront the body and its processes, emotional states, intricacies, and ailments is an integral part of both her personal and teaching practice.

She holds her Diploma of Dance (Transit Dance) and has trained at various institutions internationally including The National Ballet of Canada, Ballet Jorgen, and Toronto Dance Theatre, and was a part of Origins Dance Company (Melbourne) for the 2021 season. Hannah recently produced her first choreographic work, Hegemony, in 2022.

Hannah regularly teaches at various institutions across Naarm, including The National Theatre Ballet School and Transit Dance, and has taught at various institutions and facilitated community programs and projects in Australia and Canada. She is passionate about sharing her inclusive and empowering teaching practice in an empowering and inclusive way while fostering a safe space and community where students of all ages, abilities, and identities feel they have complete agency and creative control over their learning, and their dancing bodies, to become the best artists and humans they can be. Additionally, Hannah is currently studying at The University of Melbourne to complete an Honours Thesis in dance research.

Movement Reel Link: https://vimeo.com/811522590

Stage/Show Reel Link: https://vimeo.com/819731725