We are excited to offer a special new range of sealed bar products that support COVID Safe Operations.

All wines will be served in a sealed glass. Prosecco, spirits, beers and soft drink will be provided in a can with a disposable glass. Our product range is listed below. Please assist us by consuming any food or drink while at your designated seats and ensuring that no alcohol is taken out of the venue.

Wines by ‘WINE IN A GLASS’ and ‘TREAD SOFTLY’ Australian Prosecco


Wine in A Glass $10
Tread Softly Prosecco $10
Carlton Draught $7
Hahn Light $6
Mountain Goat Pale Ale $9
Mountain Goat Steam Ale $9
Coldstream Apple Cider $9
Smirnoff Pure Lime & Soda $10
Jim Beam & Cola $10
Pimms & Lemonade $10
Johnny Walker Scotch & Dry $10
Gordon’s Gin & Tonic $10
Soft Drink  $4
Fruit Juice  $5
Bottled Water $5


Choc Top ice cream $6
Maltesers $6
Toblerone $5
M&Ms $3
Dairy Milk Rolls $3
Kettle Chips  $4
Allens Sweets $5
Butter Menthols $3