Sundays at The National is a multi-faceted workshop series that offers a ‘tasting menu’ of the rich array of classes available at the National Theatre Drama School.

From clowning, screen acting, and audition strategies to advanced acting technique, foundational voice and movement, and Shakespeare, Sundays at the National will inspire, challenge and take your acting to the next level.

Fees – One day workshop $195. Two day workshop $360.

with Annie Lee

Sunday 7 and Sunday 14 August. 10am – 4pm daily. Course Fee $360

Participants will learn about the history of clown and its important role in the performing arts. Participants will be guided to discover their own individual clown through a series of lead improvisations and exercises.

Actors will work both solo and in small groups to create performance pieces, gaining an understanding of the heart of clowning, and will increase their skills and knowledge in the realm of physical theatre and clown.

*Each participant will be given their own latex clown nose at the beginning of the course. If you already have one you would like to use, please bring it along.

Cazz Bainbridge on the set of ‘Go with Grace’, a film that will premiere at the 2022 Melbourne International Film Festival.

with Cazz Bainbridge
Sunday 4 September. 10am – 4pm daily. Course Fee $195


The past few years have seen self-taping become the bread and butter of an actor’s toolbox; we need them for just about any type of casting (big or small) and our portfolios.

And yet this process can be an extremely bewildering if not a stressful one; how can a few minutes within a mid close up represent our artistry?  Multi-talented actor Cazz Bainbridge will guide you through breaking down a script, mastering technical requirements, and bringing authenticity to your performance. In the process you’ll shift your mindset from hindrance to empowerment in your self tape practice.

Dudley Powell in a workshop led by Jo Loth and Rob Pensalfini. Photo by Georgia Toner.

with Dr Jo Loth
Sunday 2 October. 10am – 4pm daily. Course Fee $195

When booking: make sure to choose ‘Date Range: 2022 Spring Holidays’ to find this workshop


Connect with your instincts and enhance your expressive potential through  Linklater voice.
Ground and centre your body and develop power, presence and precision using the Suzuki actor training method.

Jo will teach you how to combine these processes to create a powerful, free performer, capable of nuance and response to impulse, with stamina as well as expressive and communicative range.

Jo has trained in Linklater voice with Kristin Linklater and  in the Suzuki Method with the Suzuki Company of Toga (Japan). Jo will share techniques that she has developed in collaboration with Dr Jeremy Neideck (WAAPA), Associate Professor Rob Pensalfini (UQ) and Ros Williams (QUT).

When booking: make sure to choose ‘Date Range: 2022 Spring Holidays’ to find this workshop

Charlie Cousins in Death of a Salesman, Directed by Christopher Tomkinson.

with Charlie Cousins
Sundays 16 and 23 October. 10am – 4pm daily. Course Fee $360

The purpose of this rehearsal process is to immerse the actors so thoroughly in the world of the play that they’ll have the complete confidence and ability to play freshly, with freedom and spontaneity, at every performance.” Mike Alfreds

Inspired by the work of Mike Alfreds and his rehearsal process (outlined in his extraordinary book – Different Every Night) Charlie will explore Chekhov’s The Seagull. He will focus on several scenes in the play and use that as a framework to deep dive into text, character, and the world of the play .

Some of the major processes you will work on include:
Actions – how to clarify and sharpen them, how to land and sustain them, and how to broaden and deepen our palette of choices.
Objectives – how to identify and truly connect with them, how to deeply embody and live with them, and how to place all of our attention and needs on our fellow actors/scene partners.
Obstacles – how they enrich the performance and make the objectives much more specific, complex and crucial.
Feeding-in – a process of slowing down and stretching out a scene so that the actor can dare to be braver and truly play and discover in the moment.
Specific Improvisations – where we get to uncover and explore the world of the play and learn of its specific rules and conventions that make up this particular reality.
Points of Concentration – a process of applying the given circumstances to the action of the play. It gives the performance richness of texture, complexity and resonance.

Linda Cropper (Audrey) and Rob Meldrum (Touchstone) in Bell Shakespeare’s production of As You Like It, directed by Lindy Davies.

with Rob Meldrum

Sundays 6 and 13 November. 10am – 4pm daily. Course Fee $360


Rob’s mode of teaching is revolutionary, dropping each word into your body so that you understand Shakespeare from the inside-out. You will then be able to apply this method of learning to all scripts, not just classic texts, to have a deep and powerful connection to your words.

Simply Shakespeare will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to formal structures implicit in Shakespeare’s verse.
  2. Specific attention to how the formal structures guide and shape the evolution of the character.
  3. Scansion: the process of analysing a poem’s metre and the variants of iambic pentameter.
  4. Introduction to the process of ‘dropping in’ text rather than ‘memorising’ it – how this allows the actor to inhabit a role rather than ‘presenting’ it.
  5. Working deeply on diaphragmatic breathing.

Please note: All classes are intended for in studio delivery. In the event of a snap lockdown classes may have to move online and our teachers will adapt lessons to suit this mode of delivery.