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10073NAT - Advanced Diploma of Acting
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The Advanced Diploma of Acting (course code 10073NAT) is a nationally-accredited, full-time, vocational-training course which aims to prepare students for professional careers as actors and performance-makers in theatre, film, television and new media.

Working closely with a range of experienced Industry professionals students undertake a rigorous and highly-integrated program of skills training while also working autonomously to further nurture and develop their talent. Students are expected to continuously maintain and refine their professional goals, demonstrate a strong commitment to themselves and their chosen art-form and work with passion and engagement to realise their full potential.

The First Year of the course focuses primarily on the physical and vocal development of the performer; regular voice classes and an introduction to a variety of movement techniques form the basis of the initial studies. The first Semester also includes an introduction to aspects of the performing arts landscape and features of the current live theatre, film and television industries.

In the Second Semester, students begin a concentrated study of text work which also forms the basis of the work in the first half of the Second Year. Also in this Second Year, the skills and techniques of devising original work are introduced and students are given regular opportunities to experiment with a range of content and styles as one way of informing acting choices and promoting original problem-solving skills. Acting for the screen, rehearsal techniques for stage and the demand s of public performance are also introduced in this period.

The focus in the Third Year of the course is on preparation for entering the Industry. Advanced Screen acting and audition techniques, refinement of live performance skills and the development of performance-creation and presentation methods are all directed towards career building following graduation. The presentation of an Acting Showcase (for live performance) and a Show-reel (for the screen performances) ensures that the work in the course is seen locally and nationally by a wide range of agents and Industry figures.

The course runs over three years and eligible students may be able to get VET Student Loans, capped at $15,973 per student and Austudy assistance to support them in their studies.

Auditions for 2021 will be held during the first week of December 2020.
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VET Student Loans

Duration: 3 years (22 contact hrs per week) between 9 am-6 pm Monday to Friday.

Fees 2021: $31,950.00 (paid over 3 years)

Funding Support: Vet Student Loan (limited at $15,793.00 per student) Austudy, ABStudy & Scholarship.

Entry Requirements: Entry requirements: Students must be 19 years or over by the 1st of January the year their studies commence. Students must have completed Year 12 High School or equivalent. Acceptance is by audition only. This course is open to international students. Students must meet all requirements and pass all units of competency in each subsequent year to obtain the qualification.

Auditions for 2021: Audition applications are now open for 2021. They will take place at The National Theatre in November, with all places finalised in December. Late applications may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Location: National theatre Melbourne.

Duration: 3 year full-time, 30-35hrs a week (Some evening performance work may be required)

Duration: 3 years full-time, 30-35hrs a week (Some evening performance work may be required)

Fees: $34,950.00 (paid over 3 years)

Funding Support:  Scholarships may be available in certain circumstances.

Entry Requirements: The first stage of the audition process for international students is completed by completing the application form and submitting an application video and photos.  You may be required in the second phase of the audition process to take part in an online interview / call back audition. The School Administrator will advise you formally if your audition has been successful.

Auditions: Auditions for 2021 are held in November, with all course offers confirmed before the end of December. Occasionally late applications can be accepted, please contact the Drama Administrator.

Term 1 begins on Monday 1 February 2021. All students are expected to attend an orientation day in the week prior to this. 

Location: National Theatre Melbourne.

Course Outline

Code Title  
CUAWHS302 Apply work health and safety practices Core
ACTPRF605A Create performance pieces Core
ACTPRF601A Demonstrate a range of body awareness techniques in performance related activities Core
ACTPRF602A Demonstrate techniques to physically release the voice in performance related activities Core
CUAPRF304 Develop audition techniques Core
ACTPRF603A Explore techniques to enliven and embody text in performance related activities Core
ACTPRF604A Explore the key elements of the theatrical experience Core
CUSOHS301A Follow occupational health and safety procedures Core
ACTPRF607A Prepare, rehearse and perform stage plays for public performance Core
ACTPRF606A Produce, promote and present an original public performance Core
CUAIND402 Provide freelance services Core
CUFIND401A Provide services on a freelance basis Core
ACTPRF608A Rehearse and perform for the camera Core
CUVRES401A Research history and theory to inform own arts practice Core