Drama Classes for ages 18+

The National Theatre is a Registered Training Organisation providing a full time accredited qualification through our Drama School. In addition, we also run non-accredited courses for adults as listed below.

In addition to its accredited professional training, the School offers a range of popular short (non-accredited) courses in Acting for those who are 18+ and are looking to explore their performance potential. The classes cater for everyone from beginners to those who are considering acting careers in a supportive and fun environment.

NEW for 2021: Professional Masterclasses for trained actors

In 2021 the following classes will be offered:

Time: Wednesdays 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM, NEW CLASS Thursdays 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM or Saturdays 1pm – 3pm
Cost: $375.00 inc. GST
Duration: 8 Weeks

Intro to acting is your first stop acting shop, whether you’ve always wanted to try acting or just been out of the game for a while, Our Introduction to Acting course provides an excellent 8-week experience to take the leap and just do it! You will be working in a supportive, inspiring and creative environment.
At this “stage“, we are all about engaging and unleashing your imagination.
Let’s Play!


  • Fundamental acting skills
  • Physicality
  • Improvisation

Outcome: By exploring the foundation of acting you will develop your confidence, whilst expanding your story-telling skills.

Class Date(s)
INTRO TO ACTING –  Term 1  FULL Wed 10 February – 31 March 2021
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 2  FULL Wed 21 April – 9 June 2021
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 2  *NEW CLASS Thu 22 April – 10 June
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 2  NEW CLASS Sat 24 April – 12 June
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 3 Wed 28 July – 15 September 2021
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 3 Sat 31 July – 18 September 2021
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 4 Wed 6 October – 24 November 2021
INTRO TO ACTING – Term 4 Sat 9 October – 27 November 2021


*Due to the popularity of this course, we are have opened a new Thursday night class.

Many students completing a term of the ‘Intro’ class return for ‘The Next Stage’.

Time: Wednesdays at 07:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Cost: $515.00 inc. GST
Duration: 8 Weeks
Next Stage acting takes your acting to a new level. Working with industry professionals, you will begin to hone your craft with exciting and challenging scripts. Our teachers will take you through the fundamentals of text analysis, character creation and building a rapport with your scene partner.


  • Script analysis
  • Character creation
  • Building Rapport

Outcome: At the completion of this course you will have gained the skills to successfully perform a scene and truly connect with your fellow performers. The course will also entail an informal presentation in the last week of your course.

Class Date(s)
The Next Stage – Term 1  10 February – 31 March  2021
The Next Stage – Term 2 21 April – 9 June 2021
The Next Stage – Term 3 28 July – 15 September 2021
The Next Satge – Term 4  6 October – 24 November 2021


  • Improvisation
  • Stage acting
  • Text analysis
  • Movement for actors
  • Industry knowledge
  • Screen acting basics
  • Acting for Camera

Download The 2021 Course Outline


7.00–10.00 pm three nights a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Each course runs for two terms (Total Course – 16 weeks).

There are two annual intakes in February and July each year.

There is an audition as part of the enrolment process. Auditions for our February intake will take place in December 2020. Our July 2021 intake auditions will be held in June 2021.

During the audition, you will do some exercises led by a tutor. You will also perform a monologue from the attached book before a panel of two of our tutors. From here, you may get some direction and an opportunity to re-do it as the tutors are looking for how you respond to direction.

Please note: This is a Foundation course and you are not expected to be an expert, but we are looking for evidence of potential and commitment to preparation in order to ensure you can gain the most from the course.

If you are successful at the audition, you will be asked to enrol.

Fees are payable by term in advance.

Download The 2021 Audition Pieces Here

Download The Full ‘Foundation In Acting 2021’ Course Outline Here

Dates for 2021

February 8 – June 10 (incl 2 week break)

July 26 – November 25 (incl 2 week break)

The Way of Transformation:
Yat Malmgren’s Character Analysis and Movement Psychology

Yat Malmgren, the Swedish acting teacher and founder of Drama Centre London, revolutionised actor training over 50 years ago when he introduced his method of Character Analysis and Movement Psychology to the world of Actors.

This method of transformational acting and character creation has been used by the likes of Tom Hardy, Cate Blanchett, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Michael Fassbender and Emilia Clarke to transform into some of the most distinctive and exciting characters that we have seen on stage and screen.

The work brings together two of performing arts great traditions: The expressionist theory of Rudolf Laban and the psychological realism of Stanislavsky with the character typology and investigation of the inner world explored by subversive psychologist Carl Jung.

For the first time, this revolutionary method of transformation will be taught in person at the studios of The National Theatre by former Drama Centre London and current National Theatre Drama School teacher Harry Haynes.

The depth of this work means it will be presented over three workshops each exploring the method, its exercises in EFFORT and ACTION and how it can used to analyse, create and embody character.