Adult Drama Classes

The National Theatre is a Registered Training Organisation providing a full time accredited qualification through our Drama School. In addition, we also run non-accredited Adult Drama short courses listed below.

Our popular Adult Drama Short Courses in Acting for those who are 18+ and are for those looking to explore their performance potential. The courses cater for everyone from beginners to those who are considering acting careers in a supportive and fun environment.

Term 3 Wed 27 July  –  Wed 14 September / Sat 30 July  –  Sat 17 September 2022

 Term 4 Wed 5 October  –  Wed 23 November /Sat 8 October  –  Sat 26 November 2022

ACTING TECHNIQUE – The First Stage (prev Intro to Acting)
8-week course. Wednesday 7:30pm – 9:30pm  OR   Saturday 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Price for Term: $384.00
(Please note: Classes are not scheduled on Public Holidays)

Acting Technique – The First Stage is your introduction to the craft, whether you’ve always wanted to try acting or just been out of the game for a while.

This course provides an excellent 8-week experience to take the leap and just do it! You will be working in a supportive, inspiring and creative environment.

At this “stage“, we are all about engaging and unleashing your imagination.

If we book out, please email enquiries@nationaltheatre.org.au to express your interest~!

Course Content:

  • Fundamental acting skills
  • Physicality
  • Improvisation

Outcome:  By exploring the foundation of acting you will develop your confidence, while expanding your story-telling skills.


Many students who have completed  Acting Technique – The First Stage (previously Intro to Acting) course return for The Next Stage.

Wednesday 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Price for Term: $544.00
(Please note: Classes are not scheduled on Public Holidays)

Acting Technique – The Next Stage takes your acting to a new level. Working with industry professionals, you will begin to hone your craft with exciting and challenging scripts. Our teachers will take you through the fundamentals of text analysis, character creation and building a rapport with your scene partner.

Course Content:

  • Script analysis
  • Character creation
  • Building Rapport

Outcome: At the completion of this course you will have gained the skills to successfully perform and truly connect with your fellow performers. The course will also include an informal presentation in the last week of your course.

8 week course. Thursday 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Price for Term: $544.00
(Please note: Classes are not scheduled on Public Holidays)

Screenshots is a class for aspiring actors looking for an introduction to screen acting techniques. 

During this 8-week course students will develop their screen acting skills and record two self-tapes which have become the industry norm for initial auditions. With the guidance of Cazz Bainbridge, students will learn how to break down texts and discuss tone, while using techniques from Susan Batson to understand and empathise with their chosen character. Students will increase their comfort in front of the camera finding freedom within the technical restrictions of a shot. 

Due to the nature of this course, places are strictly limited to 8 spots! Book now to secure your spot, it is expected that this class will sell out!

While no pre-requisites are required, this class is perfect for students who have completed our Intro to Acting course or The Next Stage course.

If we book out, please email enquiries@nationaltheatre.org.au to express your interest!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  7:00pm – 10:00pm  (3 Classes per week) (16 weeks)
Monday 25 July  –  Thursday 24 November 2022  (includes 2 week term break) 
Course Fee: $2160*
(Please note: Classes are not scheduled on Public Holidays)

*Course Fees are payable upon acceptance into the course. Fees are payable in 2 instalments and in advance of the beginning of each term.

This is a Foundation course and you are not expected to be an expert, however we are looking for evidence of potential and commitment to preparation in order to ensure you can gain the most from the course.

Course Content

Monday Nights: Voice and Stage Acting with Darcy Kent

Tuesday Nights: Screen Acting with Cazz Bainbridge

Thursday Nights: Theatre Making with Annie Lee

Audition and Enrolment Process

There is an audition as part of the enrolment process.  Auditions for our July Intake will be held from 6pm – 8pm on July 14,  2022. Once you have attended the audition and been accepted into the course, you may complete your enrolment.

During the audition, you will do some exercises led by a tutor. You will also perform a monologue  before a panel of two of our tutors. From here, you may get some direction and an opportunity to re-do it as the tutors are looking for how you respond to direction.

Download the 2022 Audition Pieces Here


Please note: All classes are intended for in studio delivery. In the event of a snap lockdown classes may have to move online and our teachers will adapt lessons to suit this mode of delivery.