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Course Overview

Would you like more vocal confidence?
Do you desire greater vocal power, expressiveness and clarity?  
Do you suffer from vocal strain or fatigue? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!  The classes will cover:

  • postural alignment for effective voice production
  • vocal power for audibility
  • clarity of articulation
  • resonance for richness of vocal tone and carrying power of the voice.

Woven into the workshops will be approaches to develop communication skills for dynamic and engaging vocal expression.

You will learn techniques to warm up and care for your voice and to continue your vocal development.

You will learn and practise a personal vocal warm-up that you can use every day. Course activities are based in Kristin Linklater’s voice techniques, based on the concept of ‘freeing the natural voice’.

Course Details

Available Terms 1-4
Mondays 7:30-9:30pm
8-week course fee $416

Act Now

2023 Melbourne Acting Classes for Adults – Term Dates

Term 1: Mon 6 Feb – Fri 31 Mar
Term 2: Mon 24 Apr – Sat 17 Jun
Term 3: Mon 10 Jul – Sat 1 Sep
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct – Sat 2 Dec


Director of Drama, Dr Jo Loth  has taught voice, movement, and acting in tertiary settings for over twenty years and specialises in Linklater voice and the Suzuki actor training method. She has trained with Kristin Linklater, The Suzuki Company of Toga, Howard Fine, Shakespeare & Company, Pantheatre (France), and P3/East (Seattle).

Testimonials for Dr Jo Loth

“Jo’s approach to vocal training has truly been life-changing for me. A former classroom teacher, I’ve struggled endlessly with vocal tension. With Jo’s warmth, generosity and depth of knowledge, she has helped me to unlock a voice I am proud of, that supports me in the work I do at Zen Zen Zo and personally as I remember my Wiradjuri language and culture. I find her work to be accessible and rewarding. I cannot recommend Jo enough.”

Nicole Reilly,  Brisbane Powerhouse Wandima Fellow and previous Artistic Director of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre

After a break from acting roles, training with Jo was an incredibly powerful way to retune my mental focus, strengthen and anchor my body work, and release my voice. The beautiful blend of guided practice and deep reflection helped me feel confident in my process and ability. It was a really wonderful experience

Lucinda Shaw, Actor and singer/ songwriter

“Jo’s voice teaching balances the technical, theoretical, personal and practical, so that by the end of each session I had both a lived experience of the benefits of this training, as well as a lot of food for thought. I found Jo’s teaching style very accessible. I felt heard on a personal level as well as professional. I have been able to take away some of the concepts to try out with my own theatre students. I look forward to further study with Jo.”

Damara Sylvester, Artistic Director, Inside-Out Circus and Physical Theatre (NZ)