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Course Overview

Connect the mind, body and spirit through the world-renowned Suzuki Method of actor training.

This highly energetic one hour weekly class is designed to ‘turbo-charge’ your acting! It is an ideal preparation for another of the Monday evenings classes or can be done as a stand-alone option.

The Suzuki Method of actor training is a world-renowned technique that develops physical and vocal presence, precision and power. Train with and alongside some of Australia’s most experienced Suzuki practitioners in these action-packed workshops.

The Suzuki Method is physically intensive with adaptations available for different levels of fitness and ability.  The goal of the training is to work at your own ‘edge’, whatever that may be. The teachers will provide adjustments for participants as needed throughout the course. 


Course Details

Available Terms 1-4
Mondays 6:15-7:15pm
8-week course fee $208

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2023 Melbourne Acting Classes for Adults – Term Dates

Term 1: Mon 6 Feb – Fri 31 Mar
Term 2: Mon 24 Apr – Sat 17 Jun
Term 3: Mon 10 Jul – Sat 1 Sep
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct – Sat 2 Dec


Director of Drama, Dr Jo Loth has trained with Oz Frank, The Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT) and Kristin Linklater and has developed an innovative combination of the Suzuki and Linklater techniques.

Emma Louise Pursey has trained with Oz Frank, SCOT and Ellen Lauren of the Saratoga Institute of Theatre (SITI) and has created exercises that give the method a contemporary spin.  

Selene Beretta has trained with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company ensemble in New York City as well as Saratoga Springs and includes Viewpoints explorations in her Suzuki Classes.

Testimonials for Dr Jo Loth

“It is Jo’s vast experience as both a performer and a teacher of the Suzuki Method that makes her Physical Theatre workshops stand out. Her methodologies and temperament as a teacher allow her to work with both experienced and inexperienced performers alike. Working with Jo gave me a new perspective on the Suzuki Method affording me the time to experiment with training until I found it in my own body”

Stephen Quinn, Performance maker and producer

After a break from acting roles, training with Jo was an incredibly powerful way to retune my mental focus, strengthen and anchor my body work, and release my voice. The beautiful blend of guided practice and deep reflection helped me feel confident in my process and ability. It was a really wonderful experience

Lucinda Shaw, Actor and singer/ songwriter

Jo is a fantastic teacher who is not only masterful at her craft but also encouraging and supportive of her students. Every time I do a series with her I find something new in the training and in myself. The Suzuki training has emboldened me to be conscious of the limitations I set myself, both mentally and physically, and to push past them. It has helped me find an inner strength as well as a physical one, that I am yet to find anywhere else. I look forward to the next series!”

 Heidi Harrison, Performer and Playwright