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Course Overview

Take the challenge to get out of your head and into your body!

The Creative Body: Michael Chekhov Deep Dive four week workshop series is focussed on tapping into your creative expression through movement. In terms one and two, join Anne O’Keeffe to explore the profound expressive capacity of the body, through the  lenses of Michael Chekhov Technique and Laban Movement Analysis.

Acting is about TRANSFORMATION…inhabiting the character and their given circumstances ‘from the ground up’. But how do we do this? How do we reclaim the intelligence of the body, while engaging with the craft of acting? These practices will open the door to the joy, dynamism and specificity of embodied acting, inviting your full sense of self to inform both character and storytelling.  Whether you are new to acting or an experienced professional, this is an opportunity to deepen your awareness of the bridge between inner life and outer behaviour – leading to greater transformation as an actor.

Course Details

The Creative Body: Michael Chekhov Deep Dive with Anne O’Keefe
Term 3 – Thursdays 10, 17,  24 and 31 August @ 7:30-9:30pm
4-week course fees $208

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Anne O’Keeffe has worked in the performing arts industry as an actor, dancer, choreographer, director and teacher for 40 years, and is a highly experienced teacher of acting and movement.


‘I cannot speak highly enough of Anne. She is the most amazing teacher and mentor! By focusing on breath and physical exploration, Anne has given me invaluable tools to get out of my head and into my body. This process has been integral in breathing a fresh new life into my character work, taking my performances to the next level. Thanks Anne!!’ Menik Gooneratne (Neighbours, Underbelly, Lion (AUS) NCIS (LA)

‘Through her teaching, Anne offers a space free from judgement that allows the student’s creativity to come to the fore. Her intimate knowledge of the Michael Chekhov technique allows for key insights to unlock a truthful performance, where the character can be revealed through the actor. Anne’s technical expertise, coupled with her open-heartedness and generosity of spirit, allows for a very rewarding and deeply connected learning experience.’ Zoë Steiner (Significant Others, currently on ABC)

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Anne on the television series, Neighbours. Through my sessions with her, I was able to not only refine and nuance my performance, but also develop personally as an artist. Anne provides a space to dissect, discuss and discover; and this investigatory hub is not limited to characterisation. Anne empowers the cast to take responsibility as artists for not only cultivating their performances, but for their ultimate place in the world.’ Eve Morey (Neighbours, Total Control, Mystery Road, Intimacy Co-ordinator and  Producer)