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The Suzuki Method For The Contemporary Actor

Available in January and July

Connect the mind, body and spirit through the world-renowned Suzuki Method of actor training.

This highly energetic two hour weekly class is designed to ‘turbo-charge’ your acting! 

The Suzuki Method of actor training is a world-renowned technique that develops physical and vocal presence, precision and power. Train with and alongside some of Australia’s most experienced Suzuki practitioners in these action-packed workshops.

The Suzuki Method is physically intensive with adaptations available for different levels of fitness and ability.  The goal of the training is to work at your own ‘edge’, whatever that may be. The teachers will provide adjustments for participants as needed throughout the course.

Viewpoints Actor Training

Available in April and October

Sharpening the actor’s powers of observation and deepening their emotional response.

Viewpoints is a post-modern acting technique that merges the physical and the psychological. Going beyond the traditional method of actors exploring their motivation, Viewpoints training provides a way for actors to explore their embodiment and movement. The practice cultivates instinct and kinaesthetic response, as well as heightened awareness of space and time and how they relate to performance making.

Viewpoints culminates in a public performance in our Black Box Theatre.

Course Details

The Suzuki Method for the Contemporary Actor
Available in January and July
Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm
8-week course fee $424

Viewpoints Actor Training
Available in April and October
Tuesday 8pm -10pm
8-week course fee $480

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Short Course Dates 2024

Mon 29 January – Sat 23 March
Mon 22 April – Sat 15 June
Mon 22 July – Sat 14 September
Mon 7 October – Sat 30 November


Emma Louise Pursey has trained with Oz Frank, SCOT and Ellen Lauren of the Saratoga Institute of Theatre (SITI) and has created exercises that give the method a contemporary spin.  

Selene Beretta has trained with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company ensemble in New York City as well as Saratoga Springs and includes Viewpoints explorations in her Suzuki Classes.


For Emma Pursey

Suzuki was the challenge and step-up that I was looking for in developing my instrument. An intense technique evoking me to act with full-body presence and grounded energy. Emma Louise Pursey is an exceptional teacher, bringing a masterful amount of experience and knowledge and combining it with the right amount of insightful direction and fun gentleness. It is a privilege to train with Emma.

Eliza Charley, Actor/Writer

For Selene Beretta Grande

Your ambition for the company was strong. The group clearly benefited from your leadership. The warmth you showed [a particular student] in helping her through difficult moments in the process was an indication of pedagogic intelligence.

Ian Morgan, Head of MA Lab, RADA

For Selene Beretta Grande

You busted through the front gates of my expectations.
Emanuel Cifor, Actor

I personally am blown away every time I step into a rehearsal space with you. I am learning so much every day and loving every moment of working with you.
Dan Jennings, Actor

For Emma Pursey
Suzuki with Emma reminds me of competitive gymnastics training. It’s brutal, there’s nowhere to hide and you’re scared to run. She’s going to get to the bare bones of who you are as an artist whether you like it or not. And to my surprise, my bare boned artist is far more powerful and captivating than the artist I thought I should be.
Xanthe Gunner, Actor and former National Drama School Student