The Graduate Program 2022 is carefully designed with consideration for graduates who have been impacted by COVID-19. The program is ideal for dancers who are not ready to enter a professional company or wish to consolidate their vocation further.

The Graduate Program will uniquely focus on the profession’s requirements: the refinement and dynamics of classical and contemporary techniques, artistic performance quality, development of individual skills, professional guidance, and employment preparation.

This program provides high-quality technical training through ballet classes, contemporary variations, choreographic performance opportunities, mentoring, and career guidance for sustainability within the industry. There are performance opportunities throughout the year on the home stage at The National Theatre.

The National Theatre Ballet School provides selected graduates with this opportunity. Entry is by audition and interview: private auditions can be arranged by appointment via audtions@nationaltheatre.org.au.

The Graduate Program is a personal bridging program to assist post-tertiary ( Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Bachelor of Dance trained graduates) who require a little more time and support to launch beyond regular training and into their professional careers. Placement is from term to term, as seen in the schedule below, to allow for flexibility in transitioning.

Graduates will continue to consolidate technique, pointe, male coaching, variations, contemporary, and rehearsal as needed for performance. The Artistic Director and National Theatre Ballet Schools faculty supports all graduates in refining technique, artistry and link with auditions and opportunities within the dance and creative industry.

Graduates are expected to be reflective, independent, self-driven, and focused in pursuing professional relationships that nurture communication to fulfill career goals.

Graduates have the opportunity to create video auditions, be involved in photo shoots, productions, creative works, filming, competitions, and are considered for a letter of introduction to companies in Australia and Internationally. Including company secondments and other opportunities where possible, as directed by the Artistic Director.

Graduate Program Schedule and costs

Complete Graduate Program approx. 20 hours per week  $2100 per term including Performances

Graduate Classes only approx. 12 hours per week $1587.5 No Performance

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30am Warm-up 8.30am Warm-up 8.30am Warm-up 8.30am Warm-up 9am Warm-up
9am – 10.30am Ballet 9am -10.30am Ballet 9am -1030 am Ballet 9am- 10.30am Ballet 9.30 -11am Ballet
Break Break Break Break Break
10.45 – 11.45 Pointe Male coaching 10.45 – 11.45 Pointe Male coaching 10.45 – 11.45 Variations 10,45 – 11.45 Pointe Male coaching 11.15 – 1pm
Break Break Break Break Break
12 – 1pm Variations 12.30 – 2pm Contemporary* 12.00– 2pm Choreography* 1.00– 2pm Career Mentoring*
2.15- 4.00 Repertoire*

*Optional classes – Please note class times are subject to change

Performance Program
  • Term 1 Studio 5 Performance and RAD Showcase
  • Term 2 Mid-Year Production
  • Term 3 Choreographic Season
  • Term 4 End of year production
Additional Costs


  • Girls: Ballet class black leotard and Black tutu
  • Boys: white tunic and Black tights


  • Other classes outside the schedule incur an additional cost of a casual rate of $30 per class.
  • Private coaching By appointment
  • Competition entry fees
  • Purchasing professional photos
  • Filming by hourly appointment rate applies
  • End of year VIP Celebration/Graduation ticketed event.