Elite 1 Program (Age 11- 14 years , invitation only from Intermediate level upwards)


Acceptance into the program is by invitation or audition application only Participation: The program for internal students requires the regular attendance of all their RAD Syllabus classes and contemporary classes.


About: The Elite I Program is open to both external and internal students and is designed to offer students with good potential for a career in dance, to increase their hours of training whilst remaining at their academic school. Combined with their syllabus work, students will be challenged with Wednesday’s coaching and will benefit training with the full-time students on Saturday mornings.

This program also allows internal students to represent the National Theatre Ballet School in competitions nationally and internationally subject to the Directors' Discretion.


This program enables students to prepare physically and mentally for the rigours of our  full-time ballet training. Students will also be the first considered to be involved in any full-time student performances.