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Course Overview

Contemporary Dance classes focus on self-expression, awareness of space and body movement, use of body weight, efficiency of muscle use and safe body alignment. All contemporary Dance classes in Melbourne begin with a comprehensive warm-up and gradually build to more elaborate dance routines.

The Seniors contemporary dance classes are highly recommended for students studying VCE Dance. Students create advanced and complex steps and explore challenging aspects of contemporary technique improvisation.

Class Details

Pre-Junior. Wednesday 5:30-6:30
Junior. Wednesday 4:30-5:30
Intermediate. Tuesday 5:00-6:00
10-week term fees $270

Senior. Tuesday 6:00-7:30
10-week term fees $340


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John Utans - Contemporary Dance

John Utans As a performer and choreographer John has worked with numerous companies and independent projects including:

Performing and creating “The Satie Piece” Out of Bounds at Lucy Guerin Inc (April 2022)  Presented film “3012” at the BOLD Festival Canberra (2022) Aberdeen, Scotland Dance Live, (streaming film & performance 2021) Motion Works Hong Kong (2019) idance Festival Hong Kong (2014, 2009), Crossing Borders (Melbourne ArtsHouse (2013), DANSCROSS/Beijing Dance Academy & Middlesex University (2009), The Hong Kong Ballet Company (2018), The Hong Kong Opera (2007), The Milwaukee Ballet Company (2005), Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Salt Lake City, Utah (2005), Opera Hong Kong (2005), Australian Contemporary Dance Company, Human Veins Dance Theatre, Danceworks, Australian Dance Theatre, Queensland Theatre Company, Expressions Dance Company, Leigh Warren & Dancers, The West Australian Ballet Company, The Australian Ballet School and the Queensland Ballet Company.