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Course Overview

The new Nashies ballet classes offer a weekly 45-90 minutes of instruction, practice and enjoyment as Nashies of all ages learn the foundations of ballet; from posture, turn-out, coordination and line to the difference between a pirouette and a demi-plie.

Classes are ideal for all ages including newcomers and toe-dippers, show-ponies, Billy Elliots, Princesses and Golden Girls.

Our highly experienced trainers will guide Nashies through the foundations of ballet responding to the needs and wishes of the class to ensure a safe, nurturing and, above all, enjoyable experience for everyone.
Follow your passion for dance and join the Nashies to build confidence and community, connect with your physical self, express creativity, share stories, meet new friends and have fun.

Class Details

Little Nashies (3-year-old kinder) Tuesday 9:30-10:15 or Saturday 10:00-10:45 

10-week term fees $210

Mini Nashies (4-year-old-kinder) Monday 4:30-5:15 or Saturday 10:45-11:30

Young Nashies (Years 1-6) Wednesday 4:30-5:30
10-week term fees $270

Teen Nashies (Years 7-12)  Wednesday 7:00-8:30

Adult Nashies (18+) Monday 7:00-8:30 or Tuesday 10:30-12:00
10-week term fees $270 Casual $30 per class.

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